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Yaz Lawyers: Helping Women Injured by Yaz

Many women concerned about potential side effects associated with taking Yaz have reached out to a Yaz lawyer to seek formal advice.

Women are often unaware of their legal rights with regards to claims. Those injured while using the popular contraception have a right to compensation. Victims who have reported blood clots, stroke, pulmonary embolism or DVT may be entitled to compensation if they act soon. 

While the initial health issues stemming from use of the contraception are minor, over a period of time, symptoms may worsen and lead to chronic illnesses, some of which are potentially fatal. The manufacturer, Bayer, is responsible for making sure that all who take the pill are aware of any potential risks. Because Bayer failed to properly disclose all risks to women, they are liable to all injured victims who have taken the pill.

It is imperative that women who have experienced any of the aforementioned symptoms reach out to a Yaz attorney immediately to discuss potential compensation available to them. Victims are encouraged to reach out to us today to learn about all available legal options.

Many people worry about upfront costs, but with our law firm, victims will not incur any out of pocket expenses.

A Yaz attorney can make the case against Bayer, which made billions from consumers unaware of safety risks.

In 2009, published research from Denmark and the Netherlands, oral contraceptives like Yaz that contain drospirenone were linked to higher incidence of blood clots.
In birth control research involving 800,000 women, it was found that the pill increased risks for blood clots. In October, 2011, the FDA released data showing that women on the pill could increase their chances of having a blood clot by 75 percent. 
In recent years, over 6,000 women have filed blood clot lawsuits linked to the Yaz medication. Bayer has begun settling some of the cases with victims who worked with certain attorneys.

Attorneys with the Yaz Lawsuit Center have helped many injured victims recover damages from the company. These attorneys are available to any who may have questions about their experience taking Yaz. They are able to field questions related to a settlement timeline and evaluate individual cases.

Drug injury lawsuits are often complicated and require the expertise of skilled attorneys well-versed in this type of litigation. Drug companies are more likely to work with those who seek representation. 


To find out if you have a case, complete the form on this page or call 1-800-934-2921 for a free no obligation consultation with an experienced Yaz/Yasmin attorney. 

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