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Gallbladder Disease: Yaz Side Effect

In 2006, a drug known as "Yaz" hit the U.S. Market. An oral contraceptive, Yaz appealed to millions of women. Yaz was advertised as a new birth control pill. Unlike other types of birth control pills that often contained a type of fake estrogen, Yaz contained drospirenone, an entirely new ingredient to Yaz and other contraceptives. Furthermore, Yaz was extremely appealing to women all over the country as it had the ability to eliminate the phenomenon of women gaining premenstrual water weight - a trait that has now been proven to cause a nasty side effect. Yaz has been shown to cause serious medical conditions, including but not limited to gallbladder disease. 

Millions of women have taken the dangerous drug. Women who have taken Yaz are at higher risk of having gallbladder disease and needing to have their gallbladders surgically removed, a procedure known as a cholecystectomy. The question is - what caused Yaz to have such negative side effects? Recent studies have shown that drospirenone, the synthetic progesterone found in the drug has a diuretic effect that can contribute to gallbladder disease. In fact, a study was performed by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) that proved that drospirenone could increase a women's chance of having gallbladder problems by up to 20 percent. 

Of course, drospirenone isn't the only ingredient in Yaz that has caused negative side effects. Yaz has also been shown to raise cholesterol levels effectively causing calcified bits of cholesterol to form on the gallbladder. 

The company that made the drug Yaz, Bayer Healthcare, disagrees with the research done on the contraceptive and claims that the gallbladder issues that have occurred are not significant by clinical standards. 

If a women has to have her gallbladder remove, the surgery is quite serious and often entails a long, painful recovery. The gallbladder is an extremely important organ. Located under the liver, the gallbladder is responsible for storing and concentrating bile.

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