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Heart Attack: Yaz Side Effect

Yaz is an oral contraceptive used to prevent pregnancy. It was introduced to the market as the modern approach to birth control with exiting advertisments and a large fan base. The new formulation of hormones it contained were supposed to not only prevent pregnancy, but also help with other problems relating to menstration like acne and mood swings. Despite high hopes, Yaz has been proven to raise levels of potassium. This can raise the rise of having a heart attack. 

This risk is no joke, the manufacturer, Bayer, was demanded to place information about these potassium induced heart attacks on the labeling of the product by federal drug regulators. After hundreds of women experienced traumatic heart attacks as a result of taking Yaz, they decided that labeling was not enough. 

The birth control pill contains the same synthetic estrogen that is found in many other birth control pills, the problem comes with a synthetic progesterone that is also found in the pill. This progesterone is called drospirenone and is similar to a diuretic in chemical make up. It has been shwon to greatly increase the amount of potassium in the body. The way drospirenone affects potassium levels is by interfering with kidney functions, which causes potassium to build up in the blood stream. Potassium is not bad for you in regular doses, it is important for heart and cell functioning in the body and crucial for smooth muscle contractions, but too much can lead to cardiac arrest and even death. This condition is called hyperkalemia. 

It is stated on the label that a side effect of using Yaz can be higher potassium levels. Women are even warned not to take Yaz if they have liver, kidney or adrenal disease. In addition, women must have their potassium levels checked if they take Yaz along side of ibuprofen, diuretics, and heparin. Young women are being warned that their usual daily tasks like eating foods high in potassium and drinking sports drinks while taking Yaz could but them at risk for one of these potassium heart attacks.

Some of the risks involved with dangerously high levels of potassium in the bloodstream include irregular heart beat, changes in muscle control, paralysis, muscle weakness, fatique, cardiac arrest, and blood clotting causing heart attacks. 

The Food and Drug Administration has chastised the company for making false claims on advertisment as they minimized the risks associated with Yaz. The commitee ultimitely decided to keep the pills on the market while thousands of lawsuits are being filed against Bayer for failing to inform the public about the risks of such high potassium levels. Yaz has caused many women to suffer from heart attacks after taking the pill. Approximately 11,000 lawsuits in federal court and thousands more in state courts have been filed yet Bayer has only settled 70 cases for unknown sums.


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